MatchU Story


It was a very simple acronym: WYSIWYG. It stood for “What you see is what you get”, and it referred to the ability of the earliest personal computers to ensure that what users saw on their screen would be replicated faithfully, with no deviation in size or color, on paper.

As computers improved, WYSIWYG became to be taken for granted, but today, in the era of internet shopping, the principle of getting exactly what you see and wish to enjoy – and, after all, what you pay for – has become a preoccupation for hundreds of millions of shoppers worldwide. Sadly, millions of these people do not get what they expected or indeed wanted.

Now consider the torturous experience of finding what you want to wear in a good old-fashioned menswear store – the first obstacle being to know where to find such a place.

Once you have found it you have to know exactly where to start looking, and often you will not even know exactly what size you are. That will mean waiting in a queue before you jam yourself into one of those cubicles that always seem to be smaller than a matchbox.

As you negotiate this obstacle course, one thought may be haunting you: “These clothes were not made for me but for somebody else.”

For the fact is that in the great compromise of buying stuff off a rack, what you see is what you get, but in your heart, you know that generally what you see is not what you really want.



MatchU is a menswear brand specializes in creating customized clothes for men online. In early February, we just launched the newest version of our website, which incorporates new features such as comprehensive service for customers to order or create their own custom clothing online and an innovative measurement system, SmartMeasure, which makes body measurement easier and clearer for consumer on our platform.

Additionally, the offered clothing categories have expanded to include trousers, overcoats, suits, socks and accessories including belts and cufflinks.

We believe there’s nothing like the feeling of a perfectly tailored shirt or suit that has you feeling like a million dollars. And it was apparent to us that with the inexorable rise of internet shopping and as men become more discerning about the clothes they wear, there was a huge gap in the market for a service such as ours. Since our launch two years ago, we have already attracted 700,000 customers worldwide.

On MatchU, the customer gets to choose from a huge range of fabrics, collar and cuff options, and placket and pocket styles. With the aid of SmartMeasure, ordering takes just three minutes and the customer only needs to input size info (weight, height, ethnicity, shoulder type, chest type and midsection type) and personal preferences (monogram, collar style, pocket style, etc.) to choose their garments. The customer’s personal size is then determined using the SmartMeasure formula, which contains data on body shapes and sizes from 40 million people across North America, Europe and Asia, before being sent to the factory. Utilizing premier AI technology, this data is continuously updated and optimized so that we can guarantee that the garment will perfectly fit the customer.

Alongside the new website features, we also provide new delivery worldwide delivery options, ensuring timely delivery service no matter where the customer is. Because we have no inventory, which would involve expensive storage space, and no distributors that stand between it and its clients, the price of its high-quality fashion is kept to the absolute minimum.

The time for getting exactly what you want and paid for has finally reached the world of men’s fashion. This really is revolutionary, and we believe that those who appreciate fine clothes will never go back to the old ways of selecting and buying what they wear.