How We Work?


Who is MatchU?

MatchU is a menswear brand that focus on making customized clothes for men, leveraging SmartMeasure to ensure a perfect fit! We provide a wide range of fabrics and options of collar, cuff, placket style and pocket style for you to design your own look. So far, we have owned our dress shirt/trouser/overcoat/suit collection, we also offer accessory collection including belts and cufflinks.

What is MatchU cloth?

All of our MatchU clothes use the contactless measuring technology. It only takes you 3 mins to finish online measurement, quality fabrics choosing and personalized customization, which satisfy all your imagination about high-tech customization.

What is SmartMeasure?

We established SmartMeasure formula based on 40 million people’s specification data across American, Europe and Asia, utilizing AI technology to keep learning and optimizing the formula & weighting; therefore MatchU can create your own SmartMeasure Size based on your height, weight and body feature. Additionally, your own SmartMeasure Size will be saved in your profile, which is convenient for your next purchase.

How to customize online?

MatchU established SmartMeasure formula and leverage online measurement technology. Everything except our accessories are custom made for you. It only takes you 3 mins to input size info (weight, height, ethnicity, shoulder type, chest type, midsection type) and personal preference (monogram, collar style, pocket style, etc.), then your SmartMeasure size is created and transferred directly to the factory, where we make each single piece according to your specification.


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